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Richmond & Finch


New Effort Appointed Distributor of

SBS Italy in Asia

New Effort Appointed Distributor of

ECS Cleaning Solutions Switzerland for Asia 

New Effort is pleased to announce its appointment as distributor of ECS AG Switzerland for Asia Pacific region.


ECS is a pioneer of equipment cleaning. Since 1982, they have developed high quality cleaning cards and cleaning products for cash handling and credit card automated systems.


Their premium quality products and solutions are available for cleaning applications in Banking (ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines), Retail (POS Terminals), Parking (Pay Stations), Public Transport (Ticket Vending Machines), Petrol Stations (Payment Points) and Gaming (Casino Machines) sectors.


They are manufacturing their cleaning products with strict quality standards and certified with ISO 9001 standard. New Effort is thrilled to be working with this world renowned cleaning cards manufacturer which are highly appreciated by all our existing business counterparts.